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leadership is strategy

In an increasingly complex world, investing in leadership can be a defining strategy. Through a thoughtful, evidence-based, and human-centered approach, Bright Chirp Consulting partners with you as you redefine success and thrive in complexity.

By identifying purpose, vision, and strategy (and the obstacles that get in the way of achieving them), we invite leaders, teams, and those who develop them to create a unique space in which to build leadership capacity and navigate growth. Join us.


While every leader experiences a unique journey, coaching and leadership development can support a desired shift in focus and behavior. Examples of shifts experienced by our clients include:

Original focus   Resulting shift
 Get things done Create new possibilities
Solve problems Understand context
 Managerial control Leadership effectiveness
 Change management Sustainable transformation
Fear of vulnerability Authentic leadership
Avoid conflict Enable feedback
 Technical perfection Strategic vision
 Hide a weakness Develop an opportunity
 Do your job Live your purpose

Emerging Leaders

Leadership coaching for next-generation leaders stepping into new responsibility.

Transformational Leaders

Executive coaching for senior leaders navigating complexity and change.

Team Learning and Purpose

Customized programs for those inspiring leader and team development. 


There is much we don’t know at this unprecedented moment in history. When uncertainty arises, try reframing the conversation with powerful questions.

How familiar are you with your own values and how they show up in your leadership? 

Leaders often tell themselves stories that shape the way they think and lead. For better or worse, our stories shape what we notice and how we interpret it. 

How does the brain’s natural response to stress impact behavior and decision making?  

Helping leaders at every level redefine success and thrive in complexity.

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