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Bright Chirp Consulting focuses on helping leaders and organizations realize their potential. Recognizing the chicken and egg synergy of leadership effectiveness and business results, leader development is at the heart of what we do. Through coaching, facilitation, assessment, and training, we partner with those who share our dedication to purpose and people.

Whether working with individuals, working with a team, or supporting learning and culture leaders in their organization-wide efforts, our Core Values guide our choices.

  1. Trust: Building relationships is the priority. We do this by honoring our word and demonstrating our values through behavior that establishes the trust required to do meaningful work.
  2. Spaciousness: Growth requires space. We consider your invitation to be in this space with you an immense honor and will hold it in a way that enables your development and results.
  3. Intention: We operate with intent in the often emerging and unpredictable development journey. We communicate openly to enable understanding, progress, and impact.
  4. Community: From clients to partners to the communities in which we work, we believe we are part of something bigger and more dynamic than ourselves. Let us build community together.


Our name stems from the founder’s own leadership journey. Advancing through corporate roles, Jen Armstrong was nicknamed the canary (as in the coal mine), noticing issues and patterns which informed her leadership choices. At Bright Chirp Consulting, we recognize everyone has unique strengths that – when seen and heard – create a platform for growth.


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