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ASSESSMENTS & insight gathering

With a customizable suite of tools and services, let’s design an evidence-based program to fuel your development strategy.

Insights that measure leadership development make the goal of professional growth more concrete and visible. We leverage trusted assessments and qualitative insight gathering techniques to align with your people development objectives. 

Leadership Circle Profile™

The Leadership Circle Profile™ measures two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates the information so key opportunities for leadership development are immediately accessible. It is the only 360° assessment measuring both leadership competency and underlying assumptions. Whether using the tool with one leader or across a leadership team, the scientifically valid assessment is designed to surface new awareness for leaders and inform targeted leadership development plans.

collective leadership ASSESSMENT™

Designed to help identify gaps between your current leadership culture and desired leadership behaviors, the tool reveals targeted opportunities for leader and senior team development. The assessment can work with the Leadership Circle Profile 360° or on its own and measures how your collective leadership competencies compare to other organizations. Use it with your entire organization or with an individual team, the Collective Leadership Assessment™ tells you how your people view the current leadership culture compared to their ideal vision for the organization.

Global leadership profile

By determining the strengths and limits of a leader’s decision-making process the Global Leadership Profile provides new possibilities for change. Traditional horizontal development enables leaders to be more skillful, while vertical development, as assessed by the GLP, increases a leader's capacity to employ those skills. This instrument helps leaders determine if they want to maintain current habits of thinking or work toward new patterns and practices of leadership. The assessment defines seven distinct stages of development with movement toward later stages offering leaders more choice, flexibility, and transformational influence.

DISC & Motivators

One of the most widely-used behavioral profiling tools, DISC provides a highly-detailed analysis of an individual’s Natural and Adapted behavioral styles and emotions. DISC reveals how a person will behave within a given environment, situation, or relationship. It offers prescriptive lessons designed to highlight and maximize self-awareness, intentionality, and interpersonal communication. 

A companion to DISC, Motivators measures seven dimensions of motivation that drive our behavior and decisions. As DISC reveals how a person will likely behave, Motivators explores why we are driven to do what we do and what we value most.

custom solutions

While all our assessments are tailored to your unique needs, custom solutions can be created to align with your organization's own well-defined strategy, competencies, and success factors. From qualitative interviews to online surveys and custom 360° assessments, our focus is on bringing you the data you need to confidently develop your leaders, teams, and learning programs while establishing information standards and delivering organizational success.

Helping leaders at every level redefine success and thrive in complexity.

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