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Virtual Support for the Virtual Coach

Recognizing a need for support as organizations shift their operations to a virtual environment, Bright Chirp Consulting now offers virtual meeting production and marketing communication services tailored to the needs of our clients and community.

Our wish is to help coaches, trainers, and facilitators in a time that has challenged many of us to reinvent how we work. 

“Ask me anything. I consider myself a colleague and not just a vendor.” -Wendy Hickey, Services Manager


Virtual Meeting Producer

A producer offers an extra set of capable hands for group facilitation, so you can be present and focused on participants. The producer will manage all the technical aspects of your program, including recording, monitoring chat, setting timers, administering breakout rooms, whiteboards, and polling tools. 


A scribe is an objective witness to all the activity during the session who takes notes and delivers a written recap.

Communications Writer

A copywriter can free you up to work on program content and development. This communications writing includes pre- and post- meeting message copy, delivered to you or directly to the client. 

Presentation Designer

A designer gives you space to create content and collaborate without the worry of formatting and design. This includes a professionally-designed, custom PowerPoint template for you to use and share with your team or client.


Ask us how to bundle and customize services for greater impact.


A partner firm needed to shift the delivery of a multi-session training program to a virtual environment for group facilitation at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Wendy managed the technical portion of the meeting, scribed, wrote pre-work communications and recaps, and designed a custom PowerPoint template.


The facilitator was able to focus on the participants’ experience, while maximizing budget by partnering with a full-service resource rather than hiring multiple vendors.


Wendy Hickey

Wendy Hickey brings a well-rounded skill set and more than 25 years of experience crafting unique solutions to business problems which have elevated brands, introduced new products, and made critical transformations possible. She partnered with Bright Chirp Consulting in 2019 to support the firm’s communications and client experience goals and has since expanded her role into building in-house virtual meeting capabilities. She is now equipped to help other coaching firms deliver enriching experiences that feel natural and polished when coming together in person isn’t possible.

“I have great admiration for coaches and enjoy bringing their gift to life in the virtual world. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness the process firsthand with my own coach, which drives me to help others any way I am able.”

Helping leaders at every level redefine success and thrive in complexity.

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