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coaching process

Leaders often work with a coach to clarify what they want and how they might achieve it.

The challenges facing today’s leaders are more complex than ever. From personal development to team culture, coaching provides a results-oriented, one-to-one or small group opportunity to explore strengths, identify goals, and open new possibilities. 

what is the coaching process?

Coaching is a structured yet organic process of powerful inquiry. Your coach partners with you through questions, observations, and purposeful conversation to help explore your situation, how you want to respond to it, and the possibilities for achieving your desired results. The time spent with your coach is complemented by self-observations and behavioral practices, allowing you to surface awareness and identify choices for achieving your goals. Assessment tools may also inform and support your coaching work.

Coaching intends to draw from your personal experience and unique wisdom, and is therefore different from other services. With a focus on future outcomes, the coaching process intends to help you identify what is important to you and how to leverage that understanding to pursue a future of your own design.

The coaching process is one of discovery with the intent to surface new perspectives and possibilities, especially when a past approach no longer delivers the outcomes you want. 

Where would we start?

Coaching is a partnership, and it starts with a conversation. Your coaching program is personal, co-designed with you, with your goals as the guide. Together, we explore the challenges and opportunities you face and broader possibilities for the outcomes you want to achieve. Your coaching work is in service to you and the areas of development unique to your goals.

You are invited to schedule a 30-minute discovery conversation to explore how individual or team coaching may benefit you or your team. Use the form below to set up a no-obligation consultation.

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