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While there is no formula for leadership, there are capabilities that set effective leaders apart. Leadership and executive coaching can shed light on and create action toward new possibilities.

Our method

The strengths, interests, and opportunities are different for every leader. With this in mind, our LeaderArc framework offers a roadmap for navigating the terrain of coaching. 

We value both spaciousness and intention, so our coaching programs enable growth by providing space and structure with your aspirations as the guide.

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  • What feedback have I received?
  • How aware am I of my own behavior?
  • Where do I need more information?
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  • What is important here?
  • What patterns are serving me well?
  • How aligned is my leadership with what I believe?
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  • What do I want to do with this insight?
  • What are my opportunities for growth?
  • How does this change my focus?
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  • How will I show up differently?
  • Where will I experiment with my leadership approach?
  • What might get in the way?
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  • What is shifting?
  • How do I optimize this change?
  • What support do I need now?


New leaders are often facing an enormous amount of change as they step into new responsibility. Mergers and acquisitions, restructures, and rapid growth often thrust those with managerial competencies into leadership positions. Congratulations! Now what?

Embracing the unknowns of any new role, while building the leadership capabilities needed to experience success is at the heart of Bright Chirp’s Leadership Coaching programs for emerging and high-potential leaders.

Assessments for emerging leaders:
Leadership Circle Profile™
Global Leadership Profile
DISC & Motivators 


The world is changing more quickly and with less certainty than ever before. You are already a leader with a track record of success and yet the change on the horizon is different. You want to move beyond a change management checklist and into real transformational leadership to ensure you explore all the possibilities for success.

Our approach to Executive Coaching focuses on this journey, supporting you at your own growth edge in your increasingly important and complex role as you achieve new results.

Assessments for transformational leaders:
Leadership Circle Profile™
Collective Leadership Assessment™
Global Leadership Profile

Helping leaders at every level redefine success and thrive in complexity.

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