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Learning In Teams

A learning culture that aligns with shared values and purpose can support leader, team, and organizational effectiveness.

A team that can learn is a team that can thrive. Where would you invest to develop more effective teams?


Every team has a unique culture, which evolves over time. Beyond delivering on business goals, team members exert time and energy to understanding, navigating, and even circumventing the cultural norms. Team coaching and targeted facilitation can help teams…

  • Assess team strengths and growth opportunities
  • Identify shared values and goals
  • Establish shared language to improve collaboration
  • Encourage peer-to-peer feedback and development
  • Identify limiting habits and beliefs (and take action to move past them)
  • Develop a shared strategy to improve team effectiveness
  • Embed learning for sustainable change

Team coaching and targeted facilitation provide the space for teams to build capabilities that impact real work. Unlike taking a skills course, team coaching and targeted facilitation help teams accelerate from where they are to where they want to be while learning together.

We value trust and believe building trust is at the heart of team coaching.

Assessments for teams:
Leadership Circle Profile™
Collective Leadership Assessment
DISC & Motivators

VALUES & Purpose

Being purposeful and visionary is the most highly-correlated competency to leadership effectiveness and performance, according to the research of Bob Anderson and The Leadership Circle.1 So, the primary contribution of leadership might just be to cultivate purpose and vision for your organizaton.2

When senior leadership teams can align core values and purpose with their expectations for the organization, they can create a path for their teams to achieve a shared vision. The benefits of embedding values and purpose in an organization can include…

  • Behavior change at every level
  • Shared language for communicating priorities and making decisions
  • Expectation setting for hiring and performance reviews
  • Improved collaboration through common purpose
  • Clear intentions for external communication with clients

With an emergent, three-phased approach, we support senior teams in identifying their core values and articulating their purpose as a way to reimagine the vision for their organizations.

1 The Leadership Circle
2 Mastering Leadership by Bob Anderson


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