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Supporting leaders as they shift what they do and how they do it is the intersection at which effective leadership is a strategic imperative.

What is your leadership strategy? 

Our work is inspired by your definition of success. Our customized approach appeals to leaders and teams who recognize their own potential and crave space to do this development work.

Informed by years of corporate experience, we believe achieving strategic objectives requires effective leadership. This intersection of strategy and leadership is where Bright Chirp provides a unique perspective to help leaders move beyond skills competency and into real capability development, supporting new awareness that expands leadership capacity in an increasingly complex world.

We believe the pace and sustainability of change in any organization is determined by the capability and capacity of its leaders. 


Emerging Leaders

Leadership coaching for next-generation leaders stepping into new responsibility.

Leadership coaching corporate coaching by Bright Chirp

TrAnsformational Leaders

Executive coaching for senior leaders navigating complexity and change.

Individual corporate coaching business coaching by Bright Chirp

Team Learning and Purpose

Customized programs and tools for those inspiring leader and team development. 

Team corporate coaching business coaching by Bright Chirp

Client Success

“In my time with Jen I was able to transform my thinking and language with regard to my interaction with other executives. At the beginning of our journey, I would have held conversations with a focus on the "now", providing status updates. A year later my stakeholders provided feedback that my ability to lift up and out of the details, painting a picture they needed to see, is a core skill.”
– CIO, Commercial Real Estate Industry
“Coaching helped me move past the professional checklist and into real growth. Jen was a true partner through this process. She invested in me, so I could invest in myself.”
– VP of Marketing, Ed Tech Industry
"I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Jen on a number of Executive Education Programs at MIT Sloan School of Management. Not only has Jen served as a coach for individuals and groups of executives participating in programs, she is also a key collaborator in the creation and delivery of program content and sessions designed to unlock the power of coaching for leaders. Jen’s creativity, collaborative spirit and knowledge have been invaluable to the design work and her presence and poise both in the classroom and in online environments is exceptional. Perhaps most importantly, her coaching clients have shared that working with Jen has positively impacted them personally and professionally."
"I had the privilege of working with Jen as a coach in conjunction with our leadership development program, and I cannot recommend Jen highly enough. Jen is a true professional and is exceptionally skilled in the art of coaching. By asking powerful questions and tapping into existing knowledge, Jen gracefully helped several of our employees during new career opportunities. Feedback from our employees was that Jen helped them work with more confidence and more creativity, and that working with Jen was a highlight of their professional development."
"Jen is an outstanding coach. She listens deeply and responds in creative, relevant ways, allowing me to see issues from fresh and different perspectives. She is insightful and excels at helping illuminate core issues. I always learn something about myself when we work together. I credit her with helping me center in critical ways that have made me more self- assured and a better leader."
– Senior Director, Information Services
“Too often we avoid the hard conversations, but there is so much value that can come from these discussions. Jen helped me recognize the importance of having these conversations, the value of using questions to help guide someone to an understanding that previously eluded them and to have more confidence in my ability to develop my team members through constructive conversations.”
– Senior Manager, Software Industry

Helping leaders at every level redefine success and thrive in complexity.

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